Damages Suffered to a Rental Unit

Damages Suffered to a Rental Unit - National Legal Services Canada

Damages Suffered To A Rental Unit

Have you rented your property and suffered damages to the unit from a tenant? Have you had to incur costs as a result of destruction and neglect to your property? National Legal Services can help. Call our office to speak with a representative today to find out how you recover your costs.

Remember, it is important for you to have BEFORE and AFTER pictures, detailed invoices and accurate records in order to prove.

Call 1 (844) 344-4657 and speak to one of our legal representatives today.     





What our clients are saying

  • "I outsource National Legal Services to handle all my tenant evictions. They handle the entire Landlord & Tenant Board process. They also handle the tribunal order conversions. It is totally worth the investment and I highly recommend them. Thanks"
    Scott K.
  • "I have to say that I'm impressed with this service. They made a stress full situation stress free. Getting a rental property trashed is frustrating enough especially after you get the bill for repair. I called National Legal Services to help me with this matter. They filed all the proper paperwork with the court and served the tenant. They went to court for me and won a judgment. We were able to garnish the tenant's wages at their place of employment. I would recommend this service to anyone. "
    Brent W.
  • "I run a property management company and when I have tenant issues with rent and broken leases, we just outsource NLS to handle the matter. It saves me a lot of time and they get results. I highly recommend them."
    Mary S.

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